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June 17, 2012

The new "old" gaiters

We have four of them to work with.  I've cut an inner liner for two of them, and a slip over liner for two of them.  Plan to try them on the hinds first since that is where she really chews them up and spits them out.  I'm using the Sham Wow material for the liners, since it is super soft when it is wet.


We finally got out for a run yesterday.  Journey really turned it on the first five miles of hill work.  We interspersed cantering with hill climbing, and she felt very strong for the first five miles.  We walk, trotted the next five and got a really nice work out.  Since TOR we've only been getting in a ride a week so I try to make it a good one!  Work schedule has me covering vacations for the next two weeks, so the weekend strategy will have to suffice.   Just want to keep her fit enough to kind of pick up where we left off six weeks before Scioto in September.


We had an interesting week vehicle-wise.  The alternator belt broke on the car so we dropped it off at the garage.  Next morning the truck we use for pulling, broke down on LSEGH's way to work.  So we had it towed and had two vehicle repairs instead of purchasing more hay that we'd planned to haul this Saturday.  Maybe next weekend will be happier as vehicle maintenance goes.


My hoof trimming honey got a new tool this week which is really sweet...I'll take photos and show results when we trim Journey next.  We already used it on Cree and all I can say is near perfect...


After drought conditions we finally got a good rain today.  The creeks were dry, and made for risky riding if you got too far out.  Journey has learned to appreciate the fine art of sponging when she's hot, but there wasn't many places with enough water to get a sponge into!  Let along tank up by drinking deep.  We got a nice shower today as a thunderstorm rumbled in.  Not enough rain, but will take what I can get.

Hoping you all have a great week!

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