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June 29, 2012

100 Degrees in the Shade

Hot isn't describing it here in the heartland of southeastern Indiana.  Day two in the triple digits.  Corn fields drawn up into tight little points trying to conserve what little moisture may be found in the air and soil.   It is just plain scary hot out there.  We haven't had any measurable rainfall in a month now and the only thing keeping our garden alive is LSEGH and the water hose.  If things continue on as they are though, we will start having water restrictions very soon.  I'm just plain no good in the heat and thinking the horses could do with some cold hosing today for relief.

Journey's heel bulb is coming along slowly.  It isn't closed, but is filling in.  No drainage from it.  We are keeping the bandage clean by having her wear one of Cree's size 0.5 gloves over the wrap.  It has been working well.  Holds the cut closed, and keeps the wrap on and clean.  She still has shown no signs of lameness, so I suppose we are doing the right things.  I'm still up in the air about riding her on Sunday.  If the tissue has granulated closed I may wrap her and boot it and go.  The ladies I plan to join pleasure ride so not likely to put much stress on the heel bulb.  But the temperature needs to come down first.

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