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May 14, 2012

Trudy Horsman...thank you.

I didn't want to let the week go by without thanking Trudy Horsman for riding with us on that first long loop on Friday.  It was nice to have the company of someone else.  She has pacing down to a fine art.  Leaving time to sponge in the creeks, and walk the bad uphills.  Trudy was riding her Rocky Mountain mare Lily, that is a lovely chocolate color ,with that distinctive smoky mane and tail.  It was Lily's first LD and Trudy chose to withdraw at the hold.  My heart tells me this little mare can get the curve with some gradual hill work to build her cardio.  The horse honestly looked great, she's a flat-lander so the rolling landscape and the extended first loop were a bit much on her first ride.   Trudy herself has a quiet, gentle personality.  I thank her for talking with me, and being a super ride camp neighbor.  Don't give up on that little Rocky!  Given time, I feel she may thoroughly surprise you.  It was a challenging weekend, that is for sure.  ~ E.G.

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