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May 14, 2012

Scioto Trails Ohio

Any lurkers out there ridden this ride?  I'm wondering about the terrain.  How well the trail has been marked on past rides (just sayin' *LOL*), and is it a generally amiable group?  The ride is put on  by OAATS.  The only person I know from OAATS is Maureen Fehrs and she always seems nice.  I expect it is a hot and humid ride, someone said it has killer hills (kind of the little pre-foothills to the Appalachian chain).   If I can manage to pull off the hilly Clark ride in a few weeks...PLEASE GOD, I was thinking of pointing that way.  But I'm a bit wiser now.  Ask questions before committing to a ride.  So I'm asking!  Unfortunately I think most of my lurkers are from parts farther flung than Ohio.

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