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May 8, 2012

Practicing the Trot Out

Journey is kind of hit or miss on giving a good trot out.  She is at heart a somewhat lazy horse and doesn't seem to see the sense of going places in a hurry.  I try to practice the trot out post ride each time we return from a session.  Today we did it "cold turkey" without benefit of a ride as it is her day off.  I wasn't so sure she'd go, but go she did.  I do have to give an initial tug on the rope to get her started, hopefully that will not count too badly against her under "impulsion."  I expect her to have recurring low scores in that area FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.  If she trots sound, I don't really care.  Just trot horse, trot!  Now if someone would rustle some turkey feathers they would see some real impulsion (about 27 mph, and likely sideways), I'll have to check for that category on her vet card when we get there.

My personal trot out is making Journey look good.  I'm limping still, and my foot will not fit into my boot comfortably yet.  I've got about 48 hours to remedy that, so lathering the offending joint in Voltarin cream, and swallowing the maximum dose of Advil on top of that. Breaking carnal law at work by wearing flip/flops so I can keep a bare foot under my desk.  I'm appealing to the distance riding powers to send some of the magic dust my way, sprinkle liberally, and make me "super granny" vs. "gimpy granny", but really, I'd be happy with a comfortable fitting boot.  I may have to buy size too big tennis shoes tomorrow and put some cushy inserts in them.   But...I have not ridden without boots before, so I don't know if anything might rub anywhere. You twenty and thirty-somethings...chickies, you HAVE IT MADE.  Just sayin'.  ~E.G.


  1. I haven't met a vet yet who couldn't tell the difference between a lazy horse who didn't want to trot over there when you were just going to make her trot back, versus a horse that's too tired to get going. She'll be aiight!

    Your poor foot! Ice it! Fingers crossed you can wear your usual boots.

  2. Remember to look forward to where you want to trot. Pick your spot, focus, and GO!

    Sorry you are lame. Voltaren gel rocks. The people stuff from pharmacy does seem to work a tad better than the horse stuff (Surpass). But we have had trouble getting the human stuff. Pharmacy has been out