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May 26, 2012

Looking Ahead to Top of the Rock

  • Thursday

    May 31

    A blend of sun and clouds 81°Lo 52°
  • Friday

    Jun 1

    Cooler with rain 68°Lo 47°
  • Saturday

    Jun 2

    Times of clouds and sun 73°Lo 59°

The forecast for Henryville looks like good riding temperatures, but a possibility of getting wet on Friday.  I have a rain poncho, but only three riding tights, so if I get wet on Friday I'd better not get wet on Saturday!  With limited time to work on her lack of speed issue I'm probably going to have to forgo waiting for the pack to leave and trailing behind like last time.  If someone is slightly on her radar perhaps she will keep a better over-all pace and hopefully not fall into wanting to race and pulling.  I don't really like doing it that way, but at this point it is probably our most likely shot at finish (not holding my breath on that).  On the other hand, if she paces faster than she's accustomed then we could have trouble pulsing which would add time what to do?  What to do!

In the meantime I've continued working on the canter which totally blows out her recovery. Which also shows that her cardio really needs worked on.  She does fine doing aerobic type work, but crank it up and the little spotted wonder falls on her face.      Last night we cantered almost all the uphills, walked the downhills, and trotted the flats and still our average was below a finish time.  At one point she decided "Big Foot" was in the woods and would do nothing but back up....I had to get off and lead her through a spot we've ridden through at least a hundred times.  She was convinced something bad was up there.  Once I led her through on foot, I remounted and rode her away then turned her around and rode her through.  She was still "looky, looky" about it but did go forward.    I'm going to continue working this trail area and attempt to increase our speed over the five miles gradually.   She came home blowing and huffing and slick with sweat (a first). She did pulse down in ten minutes but it took a lot of sponging as it was hot and humid.  For the first time she really worked.

Time: 1:09:39
Moving Time: 1:05:03
Elapsed Time: 1:09:40
Avg Pace: 12:40 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 11:50 min/mi
Best Pace: 5:08 min/mi

We lost four minutes over "Big Foot" in the woods.   I want to bring our average pace down to a 10 minute or so mile...maybe by September? Ha!  We have to work through some training issues as when she speeds up she gets more of the devil in the woods syndrome.  I swear it does something to them chemically...

Her overnight camp last night went much better than expected.  She paced the electric pen a little, but once dark settled in so did she and the night was spent to the sound of "munch, munch, munch."  I gave it up at 3:30 a.m. and threw her back in with her pasture mates.  If she can handle it for seven hours, another three wasn't likely to prove much and I missed my bed.  

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