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May 27, 2012

91 degrees here today with 43% humidity.  Horse's loafing in the shed, stirring up dust, and whisking away biting flies with their tails.  Journey got to have the day off while LSEGH and I made tomato cages, planted yellow squash, and affixed wire to used pallets to climb green beans over the coming weeks. Also gaiter repairs had to be done.  I'm back up to eight working boots at least for the moment.  I truly need eight new gaiters, but that is $200 I can't choke down right now.  I wish they would go back to the old style velcro it was far superior to what is currently on the boots.  Invariably the velcro gets weak and begins unraveling or the stitching on it comes loose.  I love the fit on these boots, but if I need to spend a hundred a month on gaiters....that is not good.  Our trails are often muddy and boot sucking mud.  The old gaiter velcro held up well to that, not so on the new kind.  I can see in a dry climate where this would not be much of an issue.

Then it was small scale horse trailer renovation which consisted of:

Duct Tape

The two attached to the inner wall of the horse trailer made a nice screen that drapes over the inside of the door way so when it is hot I can leave that door propped open and get some air in that windowless trailer.  It is horrible in the summer.    It is like being in a sweat lodge, maybe hotter.  Also packing some of the stuff for next weekend, though much more to do including cleaning my tack, but not until after I ride tomorrow.  It will be in the 90's plan to get out and about early if at all possible.  Get our ride over, sponge her down, and then electrolyte, feed, and  let her rest.  

Ride day is looking better, chance of rain, but in the high 60's - low 70's (overnight temperatures in the 50's).  Tank top weather ☺ (today is naked in the pool weather except I don't have one).

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  1. While I don't like the humidity, I am sitting in about 45 , rainy and windy weather.had the wood stove going all day!!.Tomorrow is a ride day...supposed to be better.. sure hope so...we seem to be at opposite extremes!