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April 23, 2012

Midwest Weekend Posse

What a fun ride we I wish I lived closer to connect with friends more often!  In the photo is Lida with Doc, Chris with her leased arabian (gorgeous horse), Amy in the back with her gaited mare that walks with HUGE loose strides, glowing against all those dark horses is Journey who never chews wood but decided the hitching rail was a worthy opponent, and in the very front Qui the Morgan Horse that Stacey is leasing for the year (she is my competiton...and I'm in deep doo-doo there *LOL*).  Journey takes two steps for every one of Qui's.  Stacey was holding the camera.  She is very skillful with the camera, you notice that nobody's butt is in the picture.  Mine is blocked by the rail, Lida's by Journey's head, Chris's by her vest, and Amy's by a horse.  Man!  That  kind of accidental choreography will never happen again ☺

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