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April 24, 2012

Journey is a pill

A pip, a pain in the butt, all rolled into one this evening.  I'd hoped to get a short snappy ride in this evening.  We removed all the temporary fence stakes from the back field this weekend, and mowed it to give me an extra additional loop for riding.  First it was the tractor tracks, then the mowed grass clumps here and there as it had shot from the bush-hog.  There were terrors under every evil bramble bush.  She rushed her down hills, and exploded the uphills like she was shot from a cannon, and threw in a weeeeeeeeee! Let's buck while she was at it.  I'm going to pat myself on the back that I did not knock her out and leave her for the buzzards out there.  I think the spotted wonder is a pill, or needs a pill.  It must be the "mare" thing.  So our short snappy ride turned into short uphill sprints, walking behavioral corrections, some backing up as she didn't want to recognize whoa at all tonight.  The horse is a bit full of herself.  Riding at home is such a pain.  She did canter the last little stretch home on a loose rein so it wasn't a total loss!  Now she is back on hiatus until Friday.  Anyone want to come ride her the next two days?  Hmmmm???  It would be helpful to the cause?  Any takers?


  1. I would if I was nearby! Silly mare.

  2. Not close enough to ride . . .

    Have you tried Mare Magic or MareBerry (the same thing from HorseTech)? Does seem to make a difference to those marish moments . . .

  3. Nope - I'm staying on the ground! However, she IS a spotted mare with attitude and ... it's SPRING!!! It's just life for now. After you survive the escapade, you just gotta laugh, 'cause they give life a good meaning.
    Bionic Cowgirl