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April 6, 2012

The Distance Depot

 Hard to tell where their spots start, and mine end.  There is no end to my humiliation.

Journey's new Toklat Woolback came on Tuesday evening (after our ride).   As usual The Distance Depot had fantastic customer service and speedy delivery!  I highly recommend them for your trail and distance riding needs.  I've bought a lot of stuff from them and never had a bad experience.  The pad is really lovely in its simplicity.  Tight and soft creamy colored wool with velcro opening on the front for inserts if I deem Journey needs them. I like the endurance pad shape too, a bit bigger than her barrel sized pads which should keep the pommel packs off her loin area (I hope).   But I have to admit it is going to be hard, really hard to put that pristine lovely wool pad on my not so clean  (even when brushed out) speckled horse.   I'll let you know how the pad performs on her very sensitive skinned back, although if it doesn't I won't see it as a flaw in the pad, but rather an unfortunate circumstance of Journey's thin coat and sensitive back.


  1. I loved my Toklat Woolback pad because it seemed so light and natural, wicking away the huge amount of sweat Jesse can produce. However, and this is particular to MY horse, it caused her hair to twist into tight little cowlicks on her back after about an hour of riding and made her not a happy camper, so I had to go back to a neoprene. I've never seen or even heard of this happening with other horses, but she has an exceptional amount of long hair year round. I've considered clipping her, but then would have to also blanket her on our cold nights, and I don't really think that would solve the hair twisting issue anyway. The wierder our mares are, the more we love them!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. LOVE Distance Depot! Both my horses' bridle/rein/breast collar sets were made by them and they are so beautiful--and you cannot beat the Depot price. Come to think of it, probably 80% of my endurance stuff is from the Depot. I LOVE their rewards points system, it's genius.

    Hope the pad works out!

  3. Just toss it in the wash. You won't believe how well they wash out!

    I cannot remember what the bottom of your saddle looks like. The Woolback didn't work for me, and I think it's because my saddle has a traditional western fleece covered underside. The fleecy stuff gripped really well to the wool pad, and as Dixie climbed up and down hills the pad got all balled up. Otherwise, I really liked my pad, and what happened with us seems like an anomaly, but just watch out for the pad slipping and bunching on hills!