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April 3, 2012

Big old nasty snake!

Journey and I set out to do some trotting work this evening and things were going well.  I stopped to let her enjoy the lush grass in the field, very relaxing........Z-O-O-M in a big horizontal way!  Journey spotted a huge black snake slithering through the grass, I've got hair standing on end just thinking about coming off in the field with that HUMONGOUS ugly black thing .

Other than that trotting intervals went well.  She was maintaining at or near 7mph and getting some good extension going on.  Now I'm not sure how healthy it is to trot big with so much grass stuffed in your mouth that it is hanging from both sides, but that was pretty much how we did it.  We did some big hill climbs too while we were out, and then pretty much walked back home since I wasn't looking at miles.  The focus being building up her trotting speed and adding short intervals of canter now and then which is indicated by the 7 mph laps which are a mix of trot/slow canter.  Storms moving in tonight...possibility of severe weather again.  I HATE IT.

A few of our lap times:
Lap        Mileage  Speed
2                .38     6.8     average
3                .39     7.3
4                .39     7.1
5    hill        .38     4.7  (trotted up and walked down)
6                .41     7.1

Need a strategy to increase her walking speed!


  1. I don't suppose you got a speed on the lateral movement?



  2. Indeed I did get a speed on that. It is the fastest little speckled one has ever moved. The GPS gave it 17 mph! Smokin'

  3. I am working on this same issue - I have gone from a big Standardbred who could trot forever at 10 mph to an Arab X built like a Paint with a little pitty pat trot who when asked for more will always try to offer canter instead. The heart rate moniotr shows he is more efficient at the cnater than trying to do the big trot so I have accepted that our route to enough speed to complete a 50 miler is to mix it up and use both gaits to get us there. I reckon you're on the right track with Journey!