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March 22, 2012

A weekend plan for the speckled wonder

We are expecting rain, so....our ride is not yet determined.  I could condition in the rain, but feel it isn't "necessary."  I don't like riding in the rain, though I will on an LD to get the miles.  Training?  I'll pass.

Journey is due for a hoof trim.  Needs her second vaccination for the month (doing them a week apart).

I'd like to video her in motion from behind at the trot and the canter but will require my unsuspecting husband if I'm to do that.  I'm bothered by how she moves on her left rear, the leg that interferes.  Something doesn't look a hundred percent about that leg.   At some time in the past Journey was entangled in barbed wire and has scars all over her including under the fetlock on that hoof.  I do feel that her "other" mom was honest about Journey, but there may be a slight something that she didn't see.  Or I may be in a state of morbid panic for nothing.   But want to look at it and determine if I'm REALLY seeing something off there.  ~ E.G.

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