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March 13, 2012

Phebes update

She's moving very "stiff" this morning.  Her knee is about half again its normal size.  Of course the first thing she did was go roll in the mud.  Most of the wound is covered.  I'll hose her down when I get home this evening.  Maybe get a picture of it if LSEGH is around to hold her.  Wish the vet had given her a dose of antibiotic it would have made ME feel better.


  1. There are some natural antibiotics you can give her to help kill off anything not-so-nice. If she will eat a clove or two of garlic from your hand (preferably already chopped or bruised, as that combines the two chemicals and creates a really strong antibiotic) then that will work, or you can put the chopped garlic on her grain.

    You can also put garlic and thyme and rosemary in a tea bag and steep it in boiling water (about one clove, and about two teaspoons of each thyme and rosemary per cup of water) for about 10 or 15 minutes. Thyme is a good anti-biotic, anti-septic, and anti-fungal, and rosemary is a good anti-inflammatory.

    I hope she heals up well, thank goodness it was just the skin layers.

  2. Oh, the tea that I mentioned with the garlic, rosemary, and thyme, is meant to use as a wash to rinse the wound out or to soak the bandages in like a poultice. Forgot to mention that part.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Phebes' accident. What happened to your horse is frightening. My property is fenced with t-posts too - came that way. I capped them thinking they'd be much safer...

    Don't know if you wanted suggestions for treating the wound, but here goes. There is a product called Veterycin. (at the track they call it "holy water") It is a natural antibiotic (anti fungal, bacterial, viral) that works by increasing oxygenation to the wound site.

    Totally non toxic - you can use around eyes and mouth. It doesn't create resistance in the organisms that you're fighting with either. Comes on liquid and gel forms - the gel is great for thrush - it stays where you spray it. Pricy but very effective. Good luck!

  4. We have used Vetrycin in the past and it is GOOD STUFF. We had a tumor removed from Cree right where the girth lies. He busted the stitches the next day and had this four inch gaping wound. Height of summer, nasty flies. We cold hosed it twice a day and used Vetrycin and he has no scar. You can't tell anything even happened to him. I meant to stop for a new bottle today and got side-tracked and was home before I thought of it. Maybe I can run out on my lunch break for it tomorrow. It is something I like to have on hand anyway.

    To make myself feel better today I put a little smear of pain killing antibiotic on the non-stick gauze 4X4's when re-bandaging. She was pretty stiff this morning, but moving pretty good this afternoon. Actually running around on it and giving me grief to get her caught. It looked dry, and no nastiness. She did seem to be grateful for cold hosing. She stood so still with her wounded leg in the air letting the cold water spray on it. I kind of expect a big scar there since it traverses the knee. Just so grateful it wasn't worse that it doesn't matter to me, fur or no fur, just so the leg is sound.

  5. Jacke,
    I am so sorry this happened to Journey! Am glad she is doing as well as she is!! Poor thing, I'm sure it hurts, but it sounds like you are doing everything possible for her. I am going to make a note of the Vetrycin stuff in case I ever need it!