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February 27, 2012

There is something about the end of February that gives one hope.

We have had an unusually mild winter as temperatures go.  A lot of wind, and plenty of wet.  The last three days have been just beautiful.  I was so itching to ride this evening, but Journey's mileage tally for the week is already 37 miles.  She looks no worse for wear but some rest I'm sure is in order, and I don't want to sour her on distance either.  So far she has been a trooper.  I worked her some in the round pen this evening just to remind her of respect issues and who is REALLY the alpha-mare in this here herd *LOL* and she complied, with ears flat to her head.  This is less than a spectacular result, but she did move out of my space when asked, did lower her head when I applied pressure to her poll, did yield her hindquarters when I circled out towards her rump, did  trot the circle on line and off and stop when I asked her to "whoa."  She joined up and followed me around, not perfect (the ear thing) but she tried and complied.  I followed with catching up Phebes to do the same work.  First crack out of the bag she reached to nip me and met my elbow instead.  After that little drama she was all sweetness and light.  She looked like an old western pleasure horse that couldn't lift one leg after the other while trotting the circle.  I thought "when did you go all mellow".  This is the horse that could trot 13 mph barely sending up a puff of dirt her hoof falls are so low to the ground with absolutely no extension.  Maybe Journey has corrupted her with that new way of going. ☺  I thought I'd load Phebes.  She hasn't been in a trailer since I brought Journey home.  She looked at it hard, but then got right on in.  Good girl!  Spring my friends is just.........around..........the ...............corner...........and I can't wait! ~E.G.

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