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January 10, 2012

Journey is on hiatus for a few days.

She's done about 30 miles since Friday.  We've had some awesome weather over the past four days for January.  Unheard of nice weather, but the bottom will drop out of that tomorrow and Thursday as snow moves in the temps plummet to January lows.  I think my girl has a fair base on her at this point.  We've been puttering along since July, and only very recently have managed to get our moving speed to average 4.5-4.8 mph (smokin!).  But for us, as squirrely as she started out it is a big improvement.  We've also pretty much ceased turning circles and one-rein stops except one little short stretch where she knows the turn is for home.  She breaks gait, and I correct even if I have to do it for an hour until those feet move at a walk.  I had a trotting speed of 10 mph at one point this evening and she was really reaching.  It will be a long time before she is strong enough to do that for any period of time.  Her canter too needs strengthening.  It is flash in the pan, and also the gait she is most likely to act out, though we've improved that significantly.  Her pulse downs are not great.  She gets there, but you can count on five to ten minutes to drop.  Phebes doesn't help out in that process as she starts racing the fence when Journey comes home, snorting, and carrying on... Nothing is "perfect" but her rides are improving, and her away rides are the best rides I've had on any of my horses, she is an agreeable sort, and for the most part she's easy to ride.  Next on our agenda is working out a feed ration that will better fuel the work without much grain.  She is holding her weight but putting down a chunk of chow. We are about to the point that she wouldn't clean it up if I gave her more of what we have.  She is also kind of a finicky eater.  Not just any horse cookie will do!  But anyway, we are getting there.  Ever so slowly, but moving towards the goal.  Some R&R is in order...while I sort out what is next. ~ E.G.


  1. Lotta miles for January! So glad yall are enjoying your time together - well, at least that you're enjoying your time with her. I'm sure she'd prefer it if you'd let her canter home ;)

  2. Jacke, Your rides sound great! Sounds like things are really coming together with Journey- that's wonderful. I like the part about you talking to her. I talk to my horse a lot when we are riding solo. I think it is a good thing to do, and I hope he likes my conversations :).