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January 21, 2012

Endurance Blurbs: Various interesting reads about riding long distance.

Riding for condition.   Jenni Smith details her journey to the 2011 Tevis Cup.  She discusses the finer points of preparing for Tevis.  But for our purposes here, a ride longer than 50 miles.  (Please let me complete a 50 someday!)

Over on Merri's blog....I loved this story.  It is about the great Witezarif.   Actually my deceased mare had Witez lines, good old CMK / Polish lines.  She is the reason I hoped that Phebes would shine in the sport.  The genetics were all there, good conformation, the heart to RUN.  But the likes of Witezarif are a rarity in the sport world.  Chris Martin has his own little rarity in MONK (another CMK horse).  It is a wonderful story of an incredible horse.  I hadn't read this before Merri, thank you so much for posting that up.  It was a wonderful find for me.

This next one is by Janine Elsner.  You will have to scroll down the page to find the piece on conditioning an experienced horse for the Tevis.

This story is written by Chris Martin on his last Tevis ride.  I've linked it before, but it kind of gets to me so I'm posting it again.

Diana MacDonald on everyone's favorite topic LSD.

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