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January 23, 2012

Back to Work MELTING....MELTING!

So the ice persisted through yesterday with a THUNDERSTORM and subsequent downpour, and we are melting.  I figure by Wednesday  the flooding will be done and the trails will be accessible... since I'm working 12 hours straight and doing it again on Thursday.  That has been the trend for the past couple of weeks.  I get a weekend and it plunges to a deep freeze, or an ice storm, or a soaker, or, or, or...I just don't do cold and wet, or flooded, or dangerous.  Life is short, no sense making it shorter.  There is endurance tough, and then...there is stupid.

LSEGH moved manure mountain yesterday with the tractor.  We have seeded the new manure mountain wanna be as of this morning.  Hard to believe how much manure three horses make in eight or ten hours!  I take about a wheelbarrow load out of stalls each morning.  What do you do with your manure mountain?  Ours rots down for the garden eventually.

Have a great week!

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  1. In my barn, we let it sit for a couple years and then put it in the garden. We let anyone who wants some for their garden take it.

    At the big barn I work at, we have a long pile far away from the barn (we have a smaller one by the barn that we fill up, and then move to the big pile once it fills up) but I have no idea what they plan on doing with all of that. Maybe they will level it out when they make the pasture.