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December 24, 2011

Weekly update on the BBBDR and a RULE ADDENDUM (for fairness)

First the rule addendum:   Riders must post up their total mileage by the end of a given month.  For fairness to all involved.  For instance by the last day of January, post up any remaining December miles.  If you don't post your December miles by the following 30 days you lose the miles.  Horrid isn't it?  Ha!  Same with all the remaining months. On the last month November there will be a 7 day grace period, and the winner will be announced officially on that week. This way someone can't just keep a paper journal and post up their miles at the very end and blind-side the competition.

For the current stats:
TEAM 14- 14.8 miles
TEAM 9- 51.01
TEAM 5- 59.2
TEAM 4- 55.6
TEAM 1- 37.18

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