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December 11, 2011

Things are going very well ☺

We've been working on so many things!  The pre-work for the hobble training, tying to the trailer (which we are going to do a lot more of), desensitizing to all kinds of "stuff", and even a few hill miles this weekend.  I'm continuing to network for a mentor who competes on an Appaloosa or other non-typical breed.  Saddle is fitting good, pads are working, my boots are fitting "good enough" and today we rode bare!  She did not flinch going over rocks, and I'm so thrilled at the transition she has made from pancake flat hooves to concave, non-ouchy hooves.  The bit is working beautifully, such better control when I need it, and a loose dangling rein when I don't.   Still to go?  We need to do about a bazillion gait transitions.  Most of our work today was transitioning up and down from the trot.  Reins forward/trot, rein make slight contact and release/walk.  The big one whoa.  This little horse cannot whoa for more than a heartbeat.  That doesn't mean I can't stop her, but as soon as I release, she is ready to rock and roll.  If I can get us someplace with non-slippery footing we will have to really hammer on that.  It isn't perfect, but it is much, much, much better! ~ E.G.

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  1. Jacke,
    Glad to hear things are going well with Journey! (Sorry I haven't commented lately; I'm having a problem bringing up your blog at home, and can't comment at all from home, so have to wait til lunchtime at work to read and comment.)