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December 26, 2011

Quote: Concerning the eye of the horse.

I love reading Julie Suhr.  She is honest in the difficulties of her early efforts of distance riding, the errors, and hard-earned lessons.  She shares these things in that perhaps we or our horse be spared those early difficulties.  I found this today, and though it may be "old hat" to many, it resonates with me.  I've seen that look she speaks about in some horses at the few endurance rides I've attended.  I only saw it once in Phebes, and I rider optioned that day.  Look deep into those beautiful brown (or blue) peepers, they speak volumes.
"If you know your horse well, the eyes will tell you more than all the veterinarian examinations or experts can. I have learned to always take an extra minute to study my horse's eyes at the stops on an endurance ride. I pace myself according to what I see." ~ Julie Suhr

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