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December 25, 2011

A Question or Two (well...maybe three).

How is riding back to back LD's different than riding a 50 as far as the stress on the horse?  I know that sometimes people start their horses on 50's and never do the LD thing so the horse learns that they don't quit at 25 miles, learns to appreciate eating and drinking.  So how is having a horse do two 25's over a weekend harder than doing 50 in a day.  I'm actually weighing what I want to do as far as LD vs. Endurance.  So is a 2 day slow 25 any worse than just starting out on 50 in the first place?  The same?

How is your preparation different for a 50 (compared to an LD) as far as your weekly mileage and LSD in initially legging up a green horse?

While I'm on the fence I may as well be trying to figure out my options. ~ E.G.

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