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December 27, 2011

I've just had a wonderful day!

What happened?  A little dose of inspiration.  I've had two people in the past two days tell me this in one way or another: " You will one day get there...sometimes the path is as rewarding as the destination. " Enjoy the journey.  Two respectable people.  Two people I look up to in this sport.  

I have a goal for 2012:

Ride the horse, see what happens!  And I have a smile on my face.  Is Journey perfect?  Well ...nope, she has a few warts!  She has some issues to work through. But you know what?  When I attempted Phebes, she wouldn't load, she didn't trot out in hand, she wouldn't ride, she couldn't go five miles by herself, let alone 30,she couldn't camp, she wouldn't drink, she wouldn't eat, and I taught her all those things myself, and Journey has a much calmer mind than Phebes.  If I can get one as volatile as Phebes riding, I can do it with another.  It is mud outside to the poly-wog, it might slow us down, but it isn't going to shut us down.  

Someone else wrote (thank you) and sent me links to an expert (performance vet who specializes) on tye-up and the management of it.  I might at some point (after a year of R&R) even give Phebes another whirl and see what happens.  But first!  I'll journey out on my spotted pony☺  ~ E.G.

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  1. That was great advice. Stop overthinking every, little thing. You have to live in the moment and look foward to the future (whatever it may bring).