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December 9, 2011

Endurance Blurbs: Does the bit you select effect performance?

I can't find the link....that is what happens when you blog too early in the morning.

I'll try to find the original again....

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  1. I think absolutely it matters - at least for me and Farley. The bit/bitless set up I use will determine whether she braces on it, whether I will spend the first 10 miles pulling and thrashing my abdominal muscles (thus hurting my riding later on.), and will matter for my horses safety, my safety, and the safety of others around me - If Farley is fussing with her bit or hackamore, she's not paying attention to the trail and horses around her and she's more likely to slip, stumble, and run into another horse. Both of us will be more sore at the end of the ride, and it sets up a habit of her fighting me at the beginning of the ride.

    I've spent a LOT of money on bits and hackamores so that Farley can be happy and focused at rides. The headwear changes based on the trail conditions, Farley's moods, and how early in the ride season it is.