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December 6, 2011

The Big Bad Blogger's Distance Race

As of today December 6th, 2011 we have four teams having posted mileage out of sixteen.

The stats as of today:

TEAM # 5  is in the lead, catch Caitlyn if you can ladies!
TEAM# 4 is in second place with Aurora up.
TEAM # 1 is in third place.
TEAM # 14 is in fourth.

If you have posted no mileage, don't let it hinder you.  This is going to be a long year, with lots of rider/horse ups and downs.  Even low mileages done regularly will accumulate.  A person who rides a lowly two miles per day can easily rack up over seven hundred miles in a year!  So if you ride short distances often, stay in the game!  On the other hand, keep an eye on the long riders.  Caitlyn is an example of someone who means business when she rides, though perhaps she won't do it as often, but then again maybe she will.

Way to go teams 5, 4, 1, and 14 for braving the less than optimal weather (at least in my neck of the woods) to log some miles.  ~ E. G. (keeper of the BBBDR trophy).

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