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December 30, 2011


We only have five teams that have posted mileage for December.  Don't forget the grace period is short, and you don't want to loose the miles you've ridden.  The rule was updated farther down on the blog (30 day grace period due to busy lives) (except Nov. 2012 which will have a final 7 day grace period to finalize the winner).

Okay!  On the BBBDR map are teams:
#1. 44.43 miles in P division.
#4:   55.6 miles in the P division.
#5:   59.2 miles in C division.
#9:   51.01 miles in C division.
#14: 14.8 miles in C division.
#16: 71 miles in C division.  (current leader)

GO LADIES!  If I were in this race you'd be kicking my butt as Journey is only at 38 miles for the month (an all time low for me, when I'm in my groove I can average about 35 a week...not a month) *sigh*.

Okay, I've straightened out a couple of errors.  If anyone see's anything KEEP ME STRAIGHT.  I had # 4 in P on one blog and C in the other...Not good.   So the Pioneer people are listed and the Cavalry people are listed together here.  I'll get over to BBBDR blog and see that I've got it right there too.  Whew!

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