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November 18, 2011

Today and forthwith...

There will be some changes in the use of format of this blog.
The home page tab will list:

  • Endurance blurbs (links or articles of interest to new and other distance riders).
  • Mention of upcoming rides which will link the sister blog INDIANA ENDURANCE rides with upcoming ride information and contacts. 
  • Changes in rules or proposed rule changes as related to AERC that you or I might find of interest.  
  • Articles of interest on the web, EN's, or other publications.
  • Ride totals for TBBBDR maybe monthly. Actual rider mileage postings are made by the rides at the TBBBDR . 
  • Product recommendations.
  • Vendor recommendations.
  • Etc.
Phebes tab at the top will have whatever might be going on with her.

Journey's tab the same.

So other than general information, you will have to jump off the front page to find what is going on with either the horse's or myself  personally by clicking on that tab.  Positive comments (meaning in general good for the purposes of distance riding) will be posted on the front page. 

The purpose?  I just think it will make it easier for someone new to the sport to filter through the information more easily without the clutter of me and mine in the mix.  I enjoy sharing good articles when I find them, and sometimes I do or don't agree with them, and leave that for you to decide for yourself.  Make sense?

~ E.G.

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