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November 6, 2011

A Shared Dream

A shared dream.

Sometimes what we dream is nonsense.  The mind filtering out the clutter of the day in random and sometimes entertaining ways.  I had a very vivid dream last night.  I can't help but think it means something.  It was one of those where your eyes pop open and you feel like something very profound has just happened.  In this dream I was walking beside my middle brother (I have three).  In my left hand was a pretty faceted and beaded necklace belonging to my mother with a golden charm inscribed with the name of each child.  I looked at my brother and said this is your's and he removed the golden charm inscribed with his name.  At that point the strands of the necklace began to unravel and I was focused on trying to put it back together, and then I awoke.   I feel very strongly that this dream means something important, that something life altering is going to happen.  Just not sure yet, what that pivotal thing will be.  ~ E.G.

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  1. That does sound like an important dream, I really hope its important in a positive way!