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November 20, 2011

The Myths & Reality of Beet Pulp

Susan Garlinghouse,  DVM 1999

If you get the chance, look for  the squirrel story

Alfalfa for distance horses?

If you read down this article Susan G. does some debunking.

In fact she kicks a little butt when it comes to old-what's-her-name ☺

Beet pulp, though not for everybody is a mainstay in our barn.  We did try the soy hulls and though my mare liked them, I didn't like how much gas they caused her, and no longer feed her the hulls, though the other two horses seem to have no problem with a little added to their ration.  What I do like best about feeding soaked beet pulp especially in the winter, is getting that extra water into the gut.  I thought I'd re-post these articles today since there is some especially good information in the Susan Garlinghouse articles.

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