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November 12, 2011

The Myler Cradle Bit: Session 2

I "wrestled" the spotted wonder a few minutes and got her set up in the Myler Cradle bit again this evening.  Again I disliked getting it on, as it is somewhat more cumbersome than putting on a simple snaffle because of the added nose-band, and the string that stabilizes the nose-band position.  A horse that had no negative feelings about the bit in general would slip right into it.  I'm trying to be very careful not to bang her teeth with getting it in or out.  I like the results as far as softness and feel a lot.  It feels as though we have some communication going on.  Our first session with it was from the ground, tonight's was done under saddle in the round pen.  If the weather holds I'd like to get another ride with it tomorrow in the bigger log and see how she moves when she's trotting and turning.  Maybe just work her on the fence line and see if she will do some rollbacks/directional changes with softness. We are going to be forced to do more arena work anyway as deer season opened today.    It is not safe out there in the woods.  Just ask Bambi.

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