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November 19, 2011

The Garmin Forerunner 205

I got to test ride it today in spite of the cold blustery wind.  I was thrilled with the result, and will be able to keep more accurate records of our LSD rides from this point forward.  The resulting map and tortoise average speed can be found on Journey's page, we spent some time stopped grazing, and really didn't move out.  Just put-putted along to test it.  I'm very pleased.  On the Garmin site I have a calender and her workouts will automatically appear on the calendar with weekly totals.  I can embed the maps (we use BING).  It will be a useful tool once Journey has the mental fortitude to train regularly solo.  It gets a thumbs up ☺


  1. they are a fun & useful tool. love mine! where can I see your map? will you post links? thanks & congratulations! :)

  2. Christine: I'll be posting her maps on Journey's tab at the top of this page (under the header)where it says JR SPIRIT JOURNEY. I figure not too many people will interested in our rides, some will, and they can find Journey's riding maps there. I need to see your maps! ~ E.G.

  3. Thanks! Now that the weather has changed, I'll make it a point to do more Blogging. I will post my ride link for ya! Some of my ride links are included in my photo albums on FB.
    Again, thank you & enjoy! :)