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November 21, 2011

Endurance, any ass can do it.

Now before you all start throwing things and hurling insults...I just discovered Christine's new blog and I laughed out loud.  Endurance Any Ass Can Do It

Now from "her" point of view, she is right!


Too cute Christine, I'm so sorry I have missed the new blog.

Thanks for making me smile.

~ E.G.

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  1. HaHA! Glad you found it! I wish I were a better blogger, Winter is always a better time for me to get caught up....
    I don't know if you saw that I have a blog set up for each horse I have.
    I also have blogs for Sky & Geronimo. :)
    Ger broke my ribs several weeks ago, so there won't be much more on him. He'll just be a pasture pony...
    Sky just turned 4 & is a clean slate. Very much looking forward to a awesome future for her!! :)