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October 23, 2011

What a nice, relaxing weekend.

Lots of horse time.  Lida came down for the weekend and we rode the trails amidst falling leaves and beautiful fall color.  It was cool, sunny, couldn't have picked a more perfect weekend.  Journey did well for the most part.   She still has a gravitational pull to other horses and it is going to take a ton of work to finally resolve (control) it.  The only negative of the weekend was I decided to canter up a long upward sloping grass field and when Journey heard Doc behind she kicked it into a gear I didn't even know she had and brakes were out the window.  It was frightening to be on a runaway, but when I discovered that seat, leg, nor rein were gonna slow her down, I figured "just ride it out".  I was exceeding glad for the grade as she quickly decided it was not fun and I got control and did a few circles to calm her down.  It was bad, but it was also good in that I now know she has this inclination I will be much more careful of when and where I work on the canter.

 The little spotted wonder can indeed flex.
 Phebes and Cree wondering if they are next!

 Away we go....

 Doc backing the "L"
 Phebes up up and away!!!  Look how high headed ...
  A little better... but not much.

 Doc pivoting in the box.
 What a good job he did!
 Phebes, up up and away!!!
 Doc, been there, done that.

This morning we worked on my little obstacle course.  Phebes had not been ridden for a month as all my energy has been going into Journey.  Phebes was exhibiting all of her full blown bad behaviors which Lida had never really seen before.  Phebes is a better horse when she is ridden for an hour, or two, or three almost every day. We've lost some ground on the obstacle course.   Phebes was able to back her "L", to pivot in the box, and that was about it.  She was too hyped up to sidepass without going really fast and not stopping the sidepass when I gave a cue to do so, and she was jigging over the poles, and wigging out over the board/barrel thing which we've done successfully before.  She even popped up on the front a little several times and made big ugly faces at Doc.    I don't know how I can divide my time sufficiently to fulfill what both horses need.

I enjoyed my time with Lida and Doc.  Lida is such an easy person to be with, so unpretentious and delightfully grounded.  I've never seen a setting where Lida does not bring a feeling of balance.  I'm glad that Chris introduced way back when.  Doc was his wonderful self.   My husband cooked for us so that we could ride and be lazy.  How great is that? ~ E.G.


  1. It was a WONDERFUL weekend. Jacke and her husband Doug were perfect hosts. They treated me like a princess and fed me like a queen. And the weather and trails were beautiful. Doc & I had a great time. Thanks again for having us over!

  2. Sounds like a great time! What a cool idea to set up a course and have girlfriends and their horses over. Giving me an idea.. :)

  3. I would like to get my obstacle course BIGGER & BETTER as I enjoy working on these.

    Phebes melt down was kind of shocking. She's been doing so well on the obstacles, but having another horse present totally melted her down. My girl has needs that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to meet.

  4. What great pictures, what a great day: ) I recently heard of a sport "horse agility" and would love to try this but it's not available in my country: ( Also, France has something called "Trekking" which is like a CTR but with some jumping (scary!). OK Germany, get with the program, we need more options! I still dream of starting the sport of mounted orienteering here but sadly I do not know enough people yet.