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October 31, 2011

A touch up hoof trim tonight

Journey's hoof walls have improved by at least 40% with the addition of a hoof supplement over the past couple of months.  Her walls were literally as thin as a piece of cardboard.  Now you can actually see wall!  Her hinds are getting some nice concavity and the flare is gradually decreasing.  Frogs are really plumping up.  Doug trimmed away a few raggedy areas on the front frogs.  As far as concavity on the front, where we did have maybe 0% flat as a pancake soles, now perhaps 5-7% , just a slight indication of concavity, better-but not good.    She seems content in her boots though, and doesn't head bob, or gimp which she would do both bootless on rock, or crushed stone.  

Other very exciting news:  I think she has learned her name!  I called her today and she came just a flying.  That was a first.

My vacation is over so I will be notably absent again until the weekend.  I need to make a trip to my trainer person and retrieve my Garmin as it is time to start logging some miles.  If we get a little warm snap I'd like to find out where Journey's limits are, my guess is about fifteen miles.  Ten has been easy for her done slow.

The fall and winter ahead seem so daunting...

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  1. Jacke, That is so neat that Journey knows her name! How touching! You and she are doing such good work together. She probably feels your partnership growing!!