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October 8, 2011

Jeremy Reynolds have moved up to first...!

#32 Jeremy Reynolds is the current front-runner with about 16 miles to finish.

This stat leaves him with 16 miles to go.  It is fascinating how a hundred mile ride unfolds, and the constantly changing dynamic of rider placement.  I think that this is what "true" endurance riding is about.  You won't see this much in the shorter distances.  I've found that if you want to be a front runner in LD, you'd better start in the front, and stay in the front,  and pretty well keep the hammer least that is my observation from the limited number of rides I've been to.  If you set back and set a "finish" pace, the whole field will blow right past you and you drop farther, and farther, and farther back.  I have no experience on pacing a 50 mile and no idea how fluid the starting placement dynamic is or isn't at those rides.  But clearly, a 100 mile ride separates the "men from the boys" as the old saying goes.  

Gonna try to hang with it to the finish tonight.

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