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October 8, 2011

If he vets through....It's Jeremy Reynolds for the win!

I previously put a ride time at 7:01     On the finishers it had TIME 7:01  I thought that meant ride time, apparently it meant o'clock time...which was scrambling my brain as I knew it had never been done that fast before.   Regardless, I'm very excited that two of my picks were in the top ten.  Tevis day is my favorite day of the year :)

Thanks TX for setting me straight.

Now who will get BEST CONDITION.   I'm wondering about Garrett Ford as that horse smoked the last loop moving way up in position.

I'm kind of rooting for the Saddlebred though.  Wonder if a Saddlebred  has ever made the top ten before?  Some awesome riding and horse management by Shannon Constanti as she moved up her position that last loop too.


  1. 6:30 start... About 7:00 finish. So thats 12:30, then take out 2- 1 hour holds, so that is 10:30 RIDE time..... Not 7. lol

  2. 7 hours did seem rather extraordinary but you know how it goes, as years go by the competitors just get faster and stronger so I didn't really think about it that much lol. Although I did contemplate how long it would take me to ride my horse from home to the city (about 70 miles) and figured in at a few weeks :P

    I was just checking out the list of previous winners. It certainly is a competition dominated by the Arabians.