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October 15, 2011

Endurance Rider LD Rider

Makes me wish I felt well enough today to actually ride my horse.  But also reminds me that I am still a part of the membership, I still have a "goal" of LD to Endurance, and a responsibility to write the committee rather than just espousing my views here on this blog.  Ridecamp does not necessarily represent the views of the entire membership, but rather a vocal few who are indeed "endurance" riders.  If you feel passionately about the whole combined mileage thing which to my understanding is just an addition of TOTAL mileage not effecting points or placement fire up your email to a committee that may be actually rolling this idea around.  My vote for various reasons if it ever comes to a vote will be NO.   Just because I wanna' be, doesn't make me an Endurance rider.

That said, the membership should make the final call.

I think these are the folks to whom you would offer an opinion if you have one:

Competition Committee

Terry Woolley Howe, Chair, El Cajon, CA, home 619-445-5443, cell 619-992-0084, e-mail:
Nalisa Bradley, Manti, UT, 435-835-4982, e-mail:
Teresa Garrison, Denver, CO, 303-373-4129, e-mail:
Joe Long, Castle Rock, CO, 720-733-1157, e-mail:
Robert Ribley, Grass Valley, CA, 530-268-1378, e-mail:
Michele Roush, DVM (AERC-I Liaison), North San Juan, CA, 831-659-1198, e-mail:
Lisa Schneider, Agoura, CA, 818-575-9750,
Kevin Waters, Rimrock, AZ, 928-592-0519, e-mail:

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