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October 28, 2011

Drum roll....and the spotted wonder is

14.1 hands.  I finally measured her today.  I also did a weight estimation with the tape and it was 838 lbs.  I either need to step up the riding (in serious funk if nobody can tell) or cut back on the chow!  Cree was 1053 pounds and he is on the lean side).  Phebes is 858 and is FAT.   The horses are all on low starch/ moderately high fat diets with plenty of forage.  If you think you can't keep a horse fat feeding low starch, think again!

I have always liked my horses 14.2-15 hands for getting on and off.  As I've got older 15 hands was a bit much, 14.3 possible but not good for the horse when ground mounting.  But the spotted wonder is easy for the on & off at 14.1 (squeaking past pony size there a little).

Her hooves are still transitioning.  Hoof walls are still thin (by our standards) . The angle is fitting into her boots "better" though not as perfect as I'd like.  She still is lacking in concavity on the fronts.  A flatter footed mare you will not see.  The transition of the hoof and well fitted boots are crucial to a full fledged exercise protocol.
Spent some time this afternoon re-watching Chris Martin's Goober Glue video (actually Easycare's Goober video) and application of the glue to the sole and frog as that may  be necessary to protect her from bruising.  I guess that would be a minor goal to shoot for, just getting her custom fitted on the front the next really dry "warmish" day off.  

Winter projects:

  • Trotting in hand.  She just plain won't.  I taught this to Phebes as a youngster, and she caught on really quick.   It isn't a lack of impulsion, she just doesn't seem to understand what I want.  If I get her moving she wants to move in a circle.  Maybe she is a CTR horse at heart. *LOL*  If I tap her she gets ticked off and we unravel.  So I'll have to put on my thinking hat, or someone elses thinking hat.
  • The electric pen.  I could be wrong, but I have a feeling she is going to want to push through it to get back to the herd.  She's in electric here, but she is with the herd.
  • Journaling her weight and mileage.
  • Transition either to a nose band configuration that is bitless, and/or the snaffle.  Lida has loaned us a jointed Mylar snaffle that has a nose band on it.  Works independently on each side, and two rings for reins, one giving a little more control than the other. We'll see.
  • Trailer loading.  She does, but her little brain is saying out.  It creates a hazard as well as makes coming and going more stressful than it needs to be.  I just have to set aside a day to DO IT. 
 Did I say I am grossly unmotivated because I don't have an immediate goal?  Let's revise:  I have a lot of goals, too many goals!   All of them a long, long, long way from the mark.

I suppose I should choose one of them.

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  1. Smokey would trot either and I did two things. Had a friend encourage him from behind while I was leading. Then I lead him with another horse that will trott. I often lead two horses.

    I suspect he will respect the electric. Can you travel with phebes too?