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October 17, 2011

Days like today make it worthwhile

Yesterday was a booger of a training day, and today things went extraordinarily well.  I was a little time crunched this evening so I cleared the front lot of horses and just working on softening her bend at the walk and trot, and trying to walk and trot in a straight line.  My little spotted wonder finds straight line work very difficult.  She is actually pretty nimble on the circle.  I have to do a little correction now and then when she decides to drive, but mostly she is getting a nice bend, and is moving softly in both small circles and large.  I'm able to get her to "give" vertical flexion when we are standing still, but not yet able to get the light bulb moment to happen when we are moving.  I'm struggling a little bit with the idea of a loose rein vs. vertical flexion.  Gonna have to talk to Michaella a little about that because I want a horse that will travel nicely on a loose rein, but I want collection too.  Hoping to take her out on the trail tomorrow if the weather will hold.  ~ E.G.

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