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August 14, 2011

She Ain't No Cow Horse

Just for something to do today my daughter and I decided to ride to my Mom's (her grandmother's) house.  Oh, about five miles there, and five back.  Figured the road experience would be good for Journey as I fully intend to train on the road this winter once I have boots fitted properly.  I did put a set of 0's on her fronts.  They fit good in the width but are long on the toe.  Since I only planned on walking the whole way up and back I figured it would be fine (it was) and protect her from the concussion on the blacktop.  We didn't have any rubs or chafing issues from them.  I wouldn't have wanted to canter in them because her break over wasn't just right, but for slow road plodding they were okay. 

As for the road ride itself, she did great going over.  Un-rattled by cars, trucks, four-wheelers, rushing at us barking and bristling dogs.  However, on the way back home I discovered she ain't no cow horse.  I noticed the fence along the tree line was barbed wire, but didn't think all that much about it.  All of a sudden she started scooting forward, burst into a canter (previously a whopping 3 mph), skittered sideways, and by then I had reined her in on the grass across the road.  What the heck!  I turn around and there are cows lookin' at me.  My daughter said they came scooting up to the fence, which caused Journey to blow up, and I didn't hear anything coming so was no way "ready" to deal with it, but neither of us crashed so that is the important thing.  Miss Journey might need herself a cow clinic!   So now we will need to find several clinics...I want a cow clinic, a despooking clinic, and would love to do a clinic that prepares your horse for ACTHA rides.  It may be awhile before "Endurance Granny" gets to an actual AERC ride...but I'm having fun, so what ever!

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  1. "I'm having fun, so what ever!"

    AMEN!!! Riding should be fun. If it's not, then why bother?