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August 25, 2011

Michaella WalkerHorsemanship

This is where Journey and I are headed next.  Her Royal Spotted Cuteness is heading to boot camp (with Granny in tow).  We've set up two hours for August, will set up a two hour clinic for September, and then hope to jump on board for the clinics as they become available. 

This is where we are going: Michaella Walker Horsemanship

She was the winner of the 2010 Extreme Mustang Challenge...
Note that towards the end here she drops the bridle on this horse.

She supports a barefoot and natural horsemanship philosophy which are practices that are important to me.  Journey and I have a long road ahead of us and I want her to be the spectacular (in my eyes) horse that I've always dreamed of, and I want to be more confident in my riding.  This will be very, very good for us.  We start on Saturday, from the ground up.

In Phebes little world we are starting anew on a new adventure.  My long suffering endurance granny husband had three obstacles ready for us when I got home tonight.  So we'll be setting up barrels and working to move a board in a perfect circle without dropping the board.  We also have two hefty rattling branches and a rope to drag behind, and to back up and drag as well.  LSEGH being the ingenious thinker he is purchased a bunch of brightly colored sand buckets that will be laid out to create a weaving pattern.  If time allows this weekend or next I'll pick up poles for trotting over (may use these for Journey too as it would be a good topline building exercise as well as getting her to watch her feet).

Suddenly my year of loss has turned into something wonderfully positive ☺ ~ E.G.


  1. One of the best exercises you can do for rein and leg control is to ride around a tree or tall post both forward, and backing, while keeping a hand on it. Practice with both right and left hands, As simple as it sounds, it can be difficult, especially backing. But you will find that once you master this, so many of the other things you ask the horse to do come easier.