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August 28, 2011

Journey's first Lesson...My first lesson.

Journey went to Michaela Walker yesterday for our first lesson.  When working with Michaela she did really well.  Calm, attentive (mostly), and moving her feet and properly disengaging.

Then it was my turn.

I have rope management issues.  Really have to think to do the thing.  Like a rusty squeaky old wheel.  Hoping I have it in my brain right so I'll practice right.

Also discovered that Journey who loaded beautifully pre purchase, and at purchase has a loading issue with my trailer.  I nearly didn't get her there, and nearly didn't get her home!  She'd put two feet in....and back out.  Two feet in....and back out. 

(that is my head again, not Journey being beaten with a big stick).

Moving my endurance ride goal to tentatively 2020, she'll be fourteen then, oh well.

More stuff to work on.

Moved the round pen and attempted to form it into a circle again instead of the long rectangle it has been for a year or so now. Wanting to do some round pen work with Journey and she gets stuck in the corners (evasive action).

The wides came, and I'm going to see how they fit today.


We worked at cone weaving yesterday and that went well as Phebes is all about the leg yielding between objects.

The circular board trick?  O-M-G!  She is terrifed by that thing.  I've worked it from the ground and she's fine if I'm standing there with the board, board on the saddle, board on her rump, board slamming and clattering to the ground.  But put me in the saddle and have me lift it by the rope?  She shoots sideways like a greased lizard!

The shower curtain for a flowy curtain.....that is a brilliant (and easy) idea!  Feed bags?  OH YEAH......I have about a hundred of those suckers.

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