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August 6, 2011

For sale: Specialized Girth (the short one)

I had really hoped that I could make this girth work with my Abetta, but alas, it is too short.  I ended up going with a Tucker english girth and switching my western rigging to english off billets.  LOVE IT.  Journey does too.  She is much less cinchy, actually she is not ZERO cinchy.  She didn't like the western girth.

The Specialized girthing system is my favorite of all the girths I've ever had.  It is self-adjusting and kind of gives the horse more freedom of movement, as it adjusts as the horse moves.  Mine had three rides on it, so in very good condition.  I'm offering it for sale for $40 plus $7 shipping (so $47 total) and I'll take paypal.  If you use a short dressage style girth you will love this one, and if you have a specialized already, good for a back up girth, or to always have a clean one ready.                          ~E.G.

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  1. This girth has sold. Thank you for your interest, and thanks V.S. for buying it!