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August 8, 2011

Ever thrilling, wild one.

It has been awhile since I had been out on Phebes.  Journey did 10 and 11 this weekend so I decided she should have today off for recovery.  So I saddled up the wild one, and she did not disappoint.  Powerful freight train little horse, riding literally always by the seat of your pants, galloping sideways, like a storm cloud rolling through.  Exciting, exhausting, heart in your throat ride.  It makes me miss her all the more, and likewise makes me grateful for the difference in Journey, all merged together, at times in a sad heart, and at other times happy to ride without all the complication.  I can only say that until you have ridden Phebes, you just can't imagine...usually the response is "you are crazy to ride that horse."  I only wish that she could have been trained under a master hand at something intricate like dressage, it would be breathtaking.  She is such a sensitive horse, and so full of fire.   Mostly things that little Journey is not.  But the comparison, really cannot be made as they are broken from different clay.  I love Journey for the positive things she brings, and I mourn Phebes for what she is that simmers hot under the surface, yet is also the very thing that is her undoing.  I think of Tamara and her grey horse of fire, and think that we are sisters of such to have horses we love so much that cannot do the very thing that epitomizes their very existence, to run... 

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