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July 6, 2011

You know it's hot when...

the horse sees you with the hose and comes up to the fence to get sprayed.  Phebes made it really easy on me last night.  Didn't have to halter her, get her out of the fence, just turn on the hose and wet her down!


  1. I have been trying to get my horses to let me do that! Its been 100 degrees here for the last 5 days but my mare and filly stand OUT in the direct sun, despite all the shade trees, and when I try to spray any of them off, esp my gelding, they tolerate about 2 seconds and leave. Of course I feel bad and must halter them and do it the right way, yesterday I even ended up giving a thorough bath and combing to my gelding, but also was sweating bullets and got a sunburn in the process. Come on herd, get with the over-the-fence-bath process!

  2. The SRF horses line up for it in the summer!

  3. My husband's horses come to the fence to get sprayed. My silly Arab starts running laps at whatever the farthest point he can get to is until the hose goes away. He HATES getting hosed off, though will happily stand out in the rain for hours when its warm and not go under his lean to.