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July 22, 2011

Just in case you were wondering...

Today's lovely riding forecast:

The high: 98 degrees
Humidity: 58-90 % depending on time of day (right now you'd need windshield wipers).
Heat index:  wow! it's cooling off....only 107 today! (yesterday was 105-111).

I'm not asking anything from my horses.  They are spending their days totally saturated with sweat, heads down under the shed roof.  I'm supplementing with electrolytes due to the profuse sweating, cold hosing in the late afternoon, and more or less cursing Indiana weather.  I know you folks out west have your own issues to contend with...but I wish I could pack up a truck, trailer, and horses and go west and RIDE.   ~ E.G.


  1. You would have to go pretty far west. I'm in Colorado and our actual temps are over 100. The humidity isn't high enough to change the heat index but it is higher than normal and everybody, 2 legged and 4 legged, is soaked with sweat.
    Hoping for a cooler August - that's probably pointless, but since we are way off the normal patterns anything is possible.

  2. Load them up and come to Washington. I had a sweatshirt on yesterday!!

  3. Carl & I are thinking along those lines.... We are discovering that Indiana weather and location is not really suited for the things we like to do.

  4. I wish my dear husband was inclined to be "restless" I'd head west in heartbeat!

    Indiana weather is just something else. Frigid and blowing and/or snowing from December-March. Raining and flooding (oh and don't forget spring tornados) April-May. If you are lucky about two weeks of good riding in the last week of May first week of June. Then the horse eating flies come out with scorching temps and high humidity through...about week two of September. Then either good riding for four weeks or a lot of rain. Come October, again a crap shoot. The fall colors are wonderful and if it doesn't set into rain, nice riding until the snow flies again in about 3-4 weeks.

    My Mom used to have a very old Indiana history book that stated that Indiana would never be settled because of the extreme weather. It was considered uninhabitable!

    Sunny Florida can be humid, but it has nothing on the Hoosier land.