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June 19, 2011

Today was a big day for Journey

First she was integrated with Big Cree.  That went way better than I expected, and the herd dynamics were so interesting to watch.  It was like round penning, only Cree was doing it!  It rained and sometimes poured today.  The sky finally cleared about six p.m. so I coaxed Journey up for a short ride down the road, behind our property, and then around our back field, back up through our woods, behind our property, around the neighbor's pond (someplace she has not yet been), and then pointed her back towards the road and home.  ALL ON A LOOSE REIN.  She walked calmly both going out, and coming back. Her head was in a nice downward position, relaxed, and I used the crop to swish off the terrible deer flies.   She did not call out to the horses at home.  The very worst she did was when we were first leaving she tipped her head ever so slightly toward home, but she used no evasive tactics.  Tonights goal was to attempt a short, but successful ride with no melt down, and we did it!  I'm sure now and then her herd bound behavior will kick in, but our method of treating it so far is working very well.  I was so proud of her this evening.  She also did not act foot sore on the paved road tonight.  A little careful over the rocks, but much more toughened up to the road. 
 Not perfect, but such an easy horse to work with so far.  Dare I say how happy I am?  Even if we become the slowest distance riders ever! ~ E.G.


  1. I think you have done a lot with her in a very short time and it is going well!

  2. She sounds like such a cool little mare! I'm excited for you! I hope we'll see you at some rides in the fall or next spring!

  3. Hey Congratulations on Journey! Sounds like progress is going very very nicely!