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June 16, 2011

Mare Wars

And afternoon becomes evening and Journey has declared war on Phebes.  Phebes has lost some fur and looks so big-eyed and bewildered.  I know I have to integrate these horses, but I don't want anyone hurt.  (sad face) ~ E.G.


  1. Mares usually get the pecking order sorted out pretty quickly, unlike geldings who sometimes continue to vie for position. Hope it all works out OK.

  2. MARES! Oh those girls, am I right?? I'm sorry. This part is a pain in the arse. Sometimes I leave my new horse in a shared fence (pasture's right next to each other) for up to 2 weeks. I want them to get bored with each other! Ha!

  3. what always worked for us (mind you I have geldings, so not as emotional) is to have new horse in our small field, where others meet over the fence for a week. After that, I take the established horses, and put them in where the new horse has been living. That way, it is established horse, coming into new horses "new home". The new horse has become comfortable with this pen as theirs, so it is not the double whammy of being put into established horses area, and getting to know the established horse. That make sense? Has worked very well for us to do this, with minimal scrapes

  4. TX That is pretty much what I did. I put up a double divider of electric fencing to keep our horses from touching her, but they could all snort and visit by the fence. Waited for five days, then put Phebes into Journey's pen. Poor Phebes (never thought I'd ever say that)! She has two hoof prints on her butt and a bite mark. It is all scraped off hair sort of thing, but you worry badly about a misplaced kick that does real damage. Honestly if I was set up to do it, I'd consider keeping Journey somewhat to herself permanently so she has to look to me for leadership, but I'd have to build a separate shelter which is not in the budget at least for now. But so far, so good...sort of. ~E.G.