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June 18, 2011

Mare Wars: Part Three

And in the Kingdom of Mare, her royal spotted highness rules supreme.  Sadly (not so much) Phebes has been dethroned.  She perhaps now is the Dutchess of Mare.  The King (who has not yet been introduced) continues to do what King horses do, loaf in the shed and eat.  There has been no drama today.  The chase has ended, and the mares have found equilibrium
Journey hit the road today for a little while, mostly trail work though because of the on hand boots not fitting.  I can't see buying her a pair until she has a couple of trims as I expect the shape of her hoof to change somewhat.  She came with a standard flat trim, and I mean flat!  She had her first trim using wild horse principles (mustang roll, quarter scoop) this week, but the transition is going to take some time.  She is good though on woodland trails, just very tender over rock, so I'm keeping her time on the gravel road to a minimum. 

Our ride today was for an hour.  She did have a melt-down at one point, wanted to go the way she wanted, and we worked at it until the fit was over and she has some bend instead of that bracing NO I'M NOT GONNA neck!   You will see in the photos she was traveling kind of high headed.  I keep pondering on how to get that vertical bend at the little bag of know-how isn't working as yet. 


  1. The vertical bend at the poll is what I refer to as a "soft feel". Have you worked on jaw flexions with her yet? Try that at a stand still and then work on massaging the rein in your hand with your fingers to get her to chew the bit down, so she drops her head. Work on this at a stand still and then build up to asking for it at a walk and so on. Eventually, you will just tickle the rein in your pinky and she'll soften at the poll. Once that is released, it opens the door so that she can let go of her topline and start traveling a bit less upside down and using her belly to lift her back. Hope that makes sense!

  2. You look so happy! Thats whats important too!