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June 24, 2011

The lovely blue suede Euro is heading for Colorado

I tried, I really did.  But there just was no way the Euro 15 inch wide tree was going to work for me.  Even though I'd go stare at it sadly, it was just too small.  Like trying to fit me into pants that were too tight.  Fortunately for me, Trailwise is working with me to find some sort of useful resolution so I'm swapping for a demo with a bigger seat.  So I touched that blue suede seat with longing, bubble wrapped the saddle with care, and it leaves for Colorado today. Bye blue Euro!

Coming back to me is a used Euro 16 inch regular tree.   In order to get the wide tree fitting Phebes I had to shim the heck out of it at the withers and across the loin area.  So the regular tree with thin pads should be alright for Journey.  Journey is about a half inch narrower at the wither than Phebes.  The Crestridge has been working for her as long as I use the Skito with the thick pads.  I'm going to try to fit the saddle to Journey using the Toklat Coolback without padding, or if I need padding I have some very thin shims in my Skito wool  shaped pad.  The saddle that is coming is mahogany, and the seat will be black.  Since Journey is white with mahogany flecks and spots, it should look alright with her coat, but that is a pretty minimal issue.   Wonder if there is a saddle fitter near us here in Indiana?

~  Granny with the BIG BUTT.


  1. Did you join our Yahoo Specialize list? If not, I could post if you wanted to find a fitter to help you.

  2. I don't know where you are in Indiana, but there's a saddle shop in Cambridge City where they make and restore saddles. I would think that a place like that would have an idea how to properly fit a saddle, but I've never been there myself.

  3. oh so sad, it sure was pretty! I think your are going to find the 16" demo" a big improvement. I had to shim for Maggie too and I am not sure I have it all worked out yet. Going to really test it on the trail for the first time today! Only been riding it in the arena at home due to all the bad weather. Did you order the used 16" from Specialized or find someone else that had one they will let you try? Good luck !