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June 27, 2011

Journey: Feed Transition

Journey was accustomed to oats, beet pulp, and a little cracked corn in her previous life.  She has been here now for a couple of weeks and we've about made the transition to our feed.  At first she wasn't finding the high fat, low carb feed palatable, but with a handful of performance (it has oats, corn, touch of molasses) thrown in she has finally made the shift over.  We also have been working at her wet mash ration, which has been a little tougher.  I think last night it was a few soaked alfalfa cubes to make a tea, with beet pulp, and Cool Command added to it, which she pretty much cleaned up.  I'd say Journey's body condition score is quite good, but i would like to see a little more fat layer on either side of the spine, so maybe another fifty pounds or so?  She is a very
s-l-o-w eater and to get her meals all cleaned up we have to keep her stalled overnight.

Ugggggggggg, work beckons (but glad I have a job).  ~ E.G.

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